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Requirements for becoming a Chartered Accountant
Requirements for becoming a chartered accountant under the new scheme are as follows:
(i) Enrol with the Institute for Common Proficiency Test after passing Class 10 examination
conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by
the Central Government as equivalent thereto.
(ii) Appear CPT examination after appearing in the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2
examination) conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination
recognised by the Central Government as equivalent thereto and after completion of specified
period from the date of registration for CPT with the Board of Studies. This specified period
for CPT examination is 60 days. The Common Proficiency Test are conducted twice in a year
i.e., in June and December.
(iii) Join PCC, articled training and register for 100 Hours Information Technology Training (ITT)
after passing CPT and 10+2 examination.
(iv) Undergo 100 Hours ITT on completion of three months of articled training (100 Hours ITT is a
20/25 days programme @ five/ four hours per day; the training will be treated as part of the
practical training).
(v) Appear in Professional Competence Examination (PCE), if
- worked for not less than fifteen months as an articled assistant or equivalent period as
an audit assistant or partly as an articled assistant and partly as an audit assistant, three
months prior to the first day of the month in which examination is held or completed 18
months of articled training as on 1st May/ 1st November, as the case may be; and
- completed 100 Hours ITT.
[ Eight months of audit training is treated as equivalent to six months of articled training. Any
fractional period of audit training less than eight months is not counted for this purpose]

(vi) Join CA Final course:
- After passing PCE register for Final course with the Board of Studies;
- Collect Study Materials of the Final Course and prepare for Final Examination;
- May undergo General Management and Communication Skills Course during last 12
months of articled training while undergoing Final course; and
- Complete articled training of 3½ years.
(vii) Appear in final examination on completion of the practical training on or before the last day of
the month preceding the month in which the examination is held.
(viii) Pass Final examination and complete GMCS Course.
(ix) Enrol for membership.

Career Opportunities For Chartered Accountants
Role played by a Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountancy Course offers the students a dream career in the specialized areas of
Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Corporate Laws, Taxation.
Chartered Accountants are highly demanded professionals in industry.
Chartered Accountants are statutorily recognized audit practitioners.
Chartered Accountants are highly demanded and sought-after professionals in the practice of
Income-tax, Service-tax and other indirect tax areas.
Chartered Accountants are technically equipped to act as management consultants.
Chartered Accountants possess adequate knowledge in systems and information technology,
which help to excel in the areas such as development of advanced IT systems for the
organisations including for the functions of finance and accounting.
Independent Professional Practices
As practitioners of public accounting, CAs may start Professional practice as a proprietor or join
any existing firm as a partner or staff member. A CA provides compliance and review services. A
CA also acts as a business advisor by providing all kinds of services including the preparation of
financial reports, helping the business to secure loans, preparing financial projections and
determining the viability of business. As a tax advisor, a CA helps businesses and individuals to
comply with tax laws.
Management Consultancy Services
CAs play a vital role in assisting business and industry to improve the use of their resources,
increase their efficiency and achieve their objectives. The breadth of management advisory
services rendered by CAs reflect their expertise in diverse areas. Such services include financial
management, planning and financial policy determination such as

•Preparation of project reports and feasibility studies
•Market research and demand studies
•Budgeting, inventory management, working capital management
•Business policy, corporate planning, organization development, growth and diversification
•Organisation structure and behaviour, development of human resources
•Systems analysis and design, and computer related services
•Advisor or consultant to capital issue
•Investment counselling in respect of securities
•Corporate Governance

Opt for Industry / Government Organisation
A CA may prefer to join an industry or governmental department and ultimately hold responsible
positions. Many Chartered Accountants hold responsible positions in business or industrial firms
as CEOs, Managing Directors, Director (Finance) and Chief Accountants.
The average salary works out to be about Rs. 6 lacs per annum

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